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Better Health Outcomes, Lower Health Costs.

1. Although International Treaties free Cannabis Sativa from all controls "when grown for horticultural purposes", NZ has classified Hemp as a controlled drug.  

 This means kiwis can legally grow Opium poppies, but not Cannabis / Hemp. In contrast, Thailand has given one million Cannabis plants to Thai citizens, because they recognise the public health benefits.


To reduce health costs and improve health outcomes, we are campaigning for products of Hemp, to be legal as dietary supplements and 'functional foods'.

 Everyone should be able to benefit from brain/heart protection, bone growth stimulation, and the many other therapeutic qualities of cannabis. Thereby improving our health outcomes and reducing our health costs through sensible, cost effective, preventative medicine.

Please join THF, lend your name to the cause.


2. To enrol all willing patients with their GPs in the world's largest clinical trial of cannabinoid efficacy, based upon the time honoured method of clinical observation; and, to implement a Cannabis Cancer Care Program based upon Cannabis and other nutraceuticals.

3. To develop a collaborative, co-operative model of cannabinoid medicine for GPs utilising anonymised patient data technology.

Better Regional & Urban Development:

RBNZ funded infrastructure and public transport.

Better Business & Environmental outcomes.

RBNZ issued grants for business investment in a biological economy through the research and development, of sustainable and beneficial products.

Better Farming

Offer farmers grants from RBNZ to diversify from dairy into clean Cannabis for Industrial use, Medicinal use, and Responsible adult use.


Better Education & Industry

Encourage tertiary institutions to develop scientific R&D programs for many thousands of medical, industrial, and nutritional products possible from Cannabis; thereby increasing educational and entrepreneurial opportunity, and value added business opportunities.


Better Social Outcomes.

1. To reduce our social costs and harms by legalising Cannabis use, and enrol all consenting users into the above mentioned clinical trial.

2. To educate the public and professional sectors on the correct use of the useful and therapeutic plants Industrial Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) and drug Hemp (Cannabis Indica), and the products thereof.

Better Safety

1. All Cannabis products sold for psychoactive use must go through independent third party testing for Safety and Quality assurance.

2. It will be an offence to supply youth with psychotropic cannabinoids, unless prescribed by a medical professional.

3. To emphasise cannabis' value as as food, fibre, medicine; and to de-emphasise psychotropic use by placing limitations on the sale and advertising of psychoactive products, and through honest public health education.

Lets improve things. The status quo is not working.

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