An introduction to

Dosing with Cannabinoids

Hemp / Cannabis based products are simple to use.


Whether its THC, CBD, full spectrum or isolate, Oil, or Flower.


Whether the product is being applied under the tongue, smoked, used in a tea, vaped, or used as a food.


The rule is always same.


Start low, go slow, and gradually increase the dose over time until you begin to find benefit.

You may wish to then 'dial it back' until you find the smallest dose that does what you wish.


Oils applied under the tongue can be expected to have an effect with 15 minutes. The belly button is also another point. Start with one or two drops morning and night, and gradually increase by a drop every three to five days; or as directed by your physician.


Herbal products smoked or vaped herbal take only 4minutes to cross the blood brain barrier, so titration (dose control) is easy.

Cannabinoids share similar contradindictions to grapefruit, and can lower blood pressure.


You should consult a doctor if using prescription medications like Warfarin, statins, or immunotherapies.

Bi-phasic Canna

Its suprising how often reducing the dose of cannabis can increase its therapeutic effects.

Similarly, smaller and larger doses can have opposite effects.

Optimal doses depend upon the individual.

One cannot assume that that higher/lower doseas will produce higher/lower effects.

Ultra Low Doses

Acidic Cannabinoids like CBDA, CBGA, and THCA are much more therapeutic than their neutral equivalents


Pre-clinical and clinical experience has shown acid doses ranging from 1/10th to 1/2000th of the neutral forms to be effective.

When herbal hemp/cannabis is used in tea, the acids remain more abundant and available than the neutral forms.

In its herbal form it can also be eaten raw. When heated the acids convert into the neutral metabolites.