When a healthy mother breastfeeds her child, she provides the cannabinoid 2-AG.

Why is this? Because our bodies own cannabinoids regulate our physical and mental health, bone growth, healing, digestion, and protection systems. They are essential for our health. If we don't make enough, we get sick. Our Endogenous Cannabinoid System (ECS) is a vital element of human health regulation that demands research, and support.

We want New Zealanders to have access to the health, employment, research, and development opportunities that the prohibition of industrial hemp and Medicinal Cannabis has denied us.

We believe in improving our health, our wealth, our society and environment; we can do all that by building a resilient, innovative, biological economy that uses our competitive advantages in horticulture, agriculture, research and development.

Industrial Hemp (cannabis sativa) is historically the most versatile, valuable and useful crop in the world. It has 25,000 uses, including being a rich source of medicinal cannabinoids.


However, the domestic hemp industry has long been stifled by political and bureaucratic resistance. Green Fairies are arrested for helping those suffering pain and illness. Normal people are criminalised for having a joint, and gangs wax fat on illegal profits.


Meanwhile, internationally, science marches on, and Patents on the therapeutic benefit and commercial potential of Cannabis are filed by the 100,000.


Israel is a leader. they have just recognised Medicinal Cannabis farming as a new farm sector, and are preparing to become a major exporter. It could be us.


China is chasing 1.3 million hectares of what it calls the 'strategic resource' of Industrial Hemp. Meanwhile NZ resists the opportunity to innovate and improve things with both Medicinal and Industrial Cannabis.


Hemp is a multi level market opportunity. It provides food, fibre, medicine, fuel, chemical feedstock, and more. No other crop comes close. It sequesters carbon at 4 x the rate of pinus radiata, improves soil structure, and provides a cheaper higher quality paper that can be recycled (8x v 4x of pine). As a bonus, its manufacture doesn't require polluting sulphides.

 Its one of the most nutritious plants in the world, and among its other uses makes biodegradable plastics, and an outstanding natural building material in the form of hempcrete. 

 Hemp's potential value to our regional and urban communities is enormous, it offers multiple value chains, including, but not limited to, growing, R&D, and the production of multiple value added products, with the added benefit of providing an alternative to our unsustainable petro-chemical economy.

Way back in 1938 Hemp was hailed as the 'billion dollar crop.' Used properly, it could be a multi trillion dollar crop.



75% of the public support reform, and they don't even understand its potential.


89% of Doctors surveyed at a GP conference in Rotorua (N=180) thought it should be a health issue.

Not a criminal one.


Another 96% of Doctors surveyed in Rotorua thought we should be researching and applying it.

Its time to end the prohibition and misrepresentation of Cannabis.

Its time to acknowledge bad policies that result in social, economic and environmental harms. There is also a huge opportunity cost. Prohibition is not based on science, its based on lies and ignorance.

We need to correct this, because normal 'drug' Cannabis (cannabis indica) is very very good for us,


In fact, it will keep you very healthy, because of your Endogenous Cannabinoid System, http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/1361971-overview


Cannabis Indica is the richest source of ECS supporting cannabinoids known. Because it possesses both therapeutic and nutritional qualities, it is a functional food. In it's raw state, it's a non psychoactive, nutritious and 

therapeutic forage for animals, no matter how many legs or wings they have.


Therefore, we should look to improve our health outcomes for both humans and livestock. Cannabinoids are an essential messenger of health for all vertebrates, because we all share an ECS.

Think of it as a therapeutic salad.

Raw Cannabis can't get you high,

but it can keep you healthy.


Excluding Hemp products, the global market for medical & adult use cannabinoids alone is expected to be worth $50bn within 9 years, and a big piece of that prize could be ours, if we are smart.


The potential of iHemp is far greater. Climate change is upon us.


We must transition out of the mineral economy to a biological economy based upon sustainable, clean, production materials. Hemp is a no brainer.

New Zealand is too small to be stupid, & its the 21st Century. We can't repeat the 20th Century any more, its looking bad for us all.

 The status quo will not provide for future generations, it is ensuring their destruction. Lets not be complicit.

Lets improve things.

Join us, we cant do it without you.

Yours sincerely

T Stopford



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