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Getting Healthy, Not High  

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"There are no deaths from cannabis use anywhere; you can't find them."





"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food. For the physician tends, but nature mends"


So said Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine.

Hemp provides food, fibre, pleasure, and a dizzying array of therapeutic benefits.


Hemp was made illegal in the 20th century.

Industrial Hemp is Cannabis Sativa, and humans have used it since before recorded history.

'Sativa' is an ancient name, only given to beneficial crops. It means 'cultivated'.


Oats, Peas, Lettuce, Carrots, Parsnips, Alfalfa,  Saffron and Cannabis are all 'Sativa'. 

But Hemp is also a 'nutra-ceutical', a food with big health benefits. Your ability to access hemp will reduce your need for pharmaceuticals, and this is a threat to both big pharma and the regulators who clip the ticket on its products.

Unlike medicines; which are often dangerous, addictive, or have severe side effects that require prescribing more medicines; Hemp is safe. Unlike 'medicines', which often contain a. single active ingredient, Hemp contains many active, safe, and beneficial compounds. Hemp is a 'poly-pharmaceutical' food plant.


 This means that, if a legal food, and understood, Hemp foods full of natural cannabinoid levels could reduce the number of sick people, while also allowing many people to 'self medicate'. Enriched foods would have both preventative and curative potential for some conditions. 

Thats because, all animals have an 'endocannabinoid system', that regulates and protects our health with fatty molecules called 'cannabinoids'.


This physiological system uses Omega 3/6 fatty acids to make cannabinoids which regulate and protect our health. Hemp is uniquely rich in both, and it has 3x the cannabinoids we naturally do too.

So, why cant you grow Hemp?

Why is our oldest crop a prohibited food?

What did 'Labour' break the 2006 Hemp Regulations and make hemp into a pharmaceutical instead of a herbal remedy?

New Zealanders have no idea that products of Hemp were legal from 2006-2018, and that MedSafe chose to misinterpret those regulations so as to deny hemp farmers an industry; and to deny the public access to products of hemp.


MedSafe/Medicines Control stopped licensed hemp farmers from making (and selling) legal kiwi Hemp products as per the 2006 Hemp regulations and created a 'medical cannabis' cartel instead. Along the way they made CBD a controlled drug - against their own internal advice, over the objections of ESR, and by wilfully misinterpreting international law.

Why did government tell us that Hemp is 'not medical', while also making Hemp a pharmaceutical feedstock for MedCan companies?

Who benefits?

We think you, and your children should benefit.

Join us. Lets improve things through education.

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