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Getting Healthy, Not High  

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"There are no deaths from cannabis use anywhere; you can't find them."




A Political Plant,
Farmaceutical &

Prohibited food.

Should a food that can kill cancer cells be legal?

The Politics of Hemp

 Hemp is a strategic resource, and a plant with a rich history of medicinal use for many things.

 That seems to be why its a political plant.

Few people know that, once upon a time, farmers in the US and Great Britain HAD to grow hemp to avoid punishment, and that both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were just two of the hemp farmers who legally paid their Taxes with Hemp grown on their farms.

...How times have changed. You will find sources and a description further down about how successive governments have reigned over a racket to deny the public access to Hemp CBD (Cannabidiol).

Health Benefits and CBD Misclassification

Hemp cannabinoids like CBD offer many potential health benefits, from anxiety to cancer treatment. Because they mirror molecules all animals make to maintain health.


But, the system favors pharmaceuticals over natural remedies. Nutrition is sidelined, and monopoly preferred. This is enabled by misinformation; and how hemp, natural health products, and NHP practitioners are regulated.

Prohibited (over the strong objections of the American Medical Association) by the deceptive Marijuana Tax Act in 1937 USA, hemp contains over 500 active ingredients, including more than 200 cannabinoids. These are vital for health in mammals, because Cannabinoids are comparable to Wi-Fi signals. They are 'natures favourite way to exchange information at the cellular level'. They make our cells (apps) function properly.

Despite these benefits, health ministers in Australia and New Zealand tried to block public access to hemp CBD foods, 'to avoid blurring the line between food and medicine." 


However, because the food regulator (FSANZ) could not legally prohibit safe and beneficial compounds; it seems a fraud by MedSafe NZ; was then done. Wth hemp then being (wrongly) classified as a prohibited food, a controlled drug, and a pharmaceutical in NZ/Aus.

 This seems a matter of economics, or possibly even corruption, rather than of plain health or public service. Regardless, we believe honesty and transparency is required.

Regulatory Failures and Fraud Allegations

The food regulator (FSANZ) acknowledged the safety and benefits of CBD, yet MedSafe NZ falsely asserted it was a controlled drug. Against its own internal advice, and over the repeated objections of NZs own Forensic Chemistry team (ESR).

 This false assertion has limited access to CBD as a food, supplement, or herbal remedy, leaving pharmaceuticals as the only legal option.

MedSafe’s actions contradict international treaties, internal advice, and forensic objections, raising concerns about financial conflicts of interest due to its reliance on user fees.

Specifically, MedSafe classified CBD as a controlled drug in 2016 despite:

  • FSANZ acknowledging CBD’s safety and benefits.

  • MedSafe's internal advice against such a classification.

  • Strong objections from the New Zealand Forensic Chemistry team at ESR.

  • Contradicting international treaties and the European Court of Justice's findings.

MedSafe did this by issuing a legal opinion that appears fraudulent. This opinion misinterpreted international law to classify CBD as a controlled drug, hiding the rationale under legal privilege. This action extinguished the categories of food, supplement, and herbal remedy for CBD, leaving only a pharmaceutical pathway.

Public Health and Natural Medicine

Plants are our original medicines, with cannabinoids playing a crucial role in maintaining health. Despite this, New Zealand's world class cannabinoid research groups at Otago and Auckland medical schools downplay and misrepresent their importance, even though cannabinoids are a major target for pharmaceuticals.

Join us! Lend us your name!

MedSafe's refusal to release legal advice on the classification of CBD suggests a lack of transparency and potential misconduct. Public support is crucial to challenge these decisions and ensure access to beneficial hemp products.

Hemp is a safe, beneficial plant that should be accessible for its health benefits. Join us in demanding transparency and fair regulation to improve public health and access to natural remedies. Together, we can advocate for a healthier future.

Complaint to Director General of Health re: the deliberate Misclassification of CBD,


(almost a year ago. Still no response, which suggests they cant. Its also been with the Ombudsmans Office since Feb 2022)

Evidence cited (OIAs), for the Sherlocks.

Food is Medicine.

Hemp Cannabis is the Queen of Herbs,

 In 2016,

DESPITE The Food Regulators (FSANZ) acknowledgement of CBDs safety and benefit,

AGAINST MedSafes own internal advice, and 

OVER the strong and repeated objections of the New Zealand Forensic Chemistry team at ESR

AGAINST International Treaty, and

COUNTER to the findings of the European Court of Justice. 

MedSafe made Hemp CBD a controlled drug, by what seems fraud. Which extinguished the categories of food, supplement, and herbal remedy'.

Leaving only a pharmaceutical pathway.

MedSafe did this via a legal opinion that seems a fraud. An interpretation of international law that it seems so obviously perverse they had to hide it under legal privilege. 

Good journalists 'follow the money', and, due to what seems a dependence on 'user pays' for over 90% of its budget, MedSafe seems to have a potential financial conflict of interest vis a vis 'public health'.


This conflict arguably led to MedSafes capture of natural health products for 'medicalisation' via the Therapeutic Products Act.

Why would MedSafe seek total regulatory control of Hemp and NHPs? Whats our 'grand health strategy'?

Do we want healthy people in a health economy; or do we want sick people in a disease management system thats profitable, but failing?

Consider this. Plants are our original medicines, and are still the primary medicine for 80% of all humans.

Cannabis is full of Cannabinoids, and all animals have an 'Endogenous Cannabinoid System, named after the plant (Cannabis).

With signalling molecules called cannabinoids, it regulates mood, memory, health, growth, protection and more.

Which is why 35% of all medicines (about half a trillion USD p/yr) target our Cannabinoid system,

Neither the Cannabinoid system, plant medicine, nor nutrition are taught in most medical schools.

According to a patent by the US Dept of Health and Human Services, Cannabinoids are "anti-oxidants and neuroprotectants."

Cannabinoids can even kill cancer

"in dose dependent fashion", according to research sponsored by the American Cancer Society, in 1975. There has been much more research since then. But overall its been stifled. 

Curiously, professional medical organisations and regulators are reluctant to acknowledge animal Cannabinoid receptors (GPCRs) are 

"the most successful drug target class in pharmaceuticals, treating a wide variety of indications such as pain, inflammation, neurobiological and metabolic disorders. Many independent studies have also demonstrated a key role for GPCRs in tumourigenesis, establishing their involvement in cancer initiation, progression, and metastasis."

Instead, NZs elite universities, medical organisations and regulators largely insist "nothing to see here" despite their work in world leading cannabinoid research laboratories at Auckland and Otago Universities.

To say, as they do, that "the science should keep up with the public debate", seems deceptive. Because if the scientists truly told the public what was going on, we would think differently.


Cannabinoids are natures favourite way to exchange information. Thats why you hear all the 'woo' talk about Hemp / Cannabis being good for so many things. Thats their job. To keep things 'goldilocks'; or as the medical people say "to maintain homeostasis". They appear to be the safest therapeutic class known to exist, and ideal for 'food grade'.


'Food' of course is a category anyone can work with, and as MedSafe has shown us with Hemp, they CANNOT be trusted to regulate things in the 'risk proportionate' way they promise to.

 Yet that is what they tell us to do. 

Trust that they will regulate it in ways that serve the public and small business. Even though they seem to have done fraud to prevent that with Hemp CBDs.

Without a clear values base, or health KPIs, our regulator appears a potential menace.


The top global treaty on drugs, UNSCN 1961 specifically frees Hemp / Cannabis of all controls as a horticultural crop; which obviously includes food. It is incredibly safe and beneficial due to its numerous dietary cannabinoids (and more).

Cannabinoids occur in many beneficial foods.

 eg. Black Pepper has one, Echinacea has two, and Cannabis has more than one hundred and eighty, (thats three times more our than own sixty cannabinoids!)

So its odd that, UNSCNs "freedom from control as a horticultural crop", is specifically rejected by the Australasian Food Code. Instead, Hemp / Cannabis is so totally prohibited as to suggest it poses a great danger to the public, instead of the real benefit it promises. The biggest risk Hemp offers is to pharma cartel revenues.

Given Hemp CBDs could change, and even save, some peoples lives. Its sad that people are suffering and dying without them, while a monopoly market is being protected, and another created from what seems a long con.

Might MedSafes "user pays" heart be the problem, at a policy level? Does our health system; and its regulator; require a fundamental rethink? Might the commercial model here be anti public service and anti public health? Might it be symptomatic of the way our entire political economy is aligned, and explain our worsening national condition, and rising inequality?

Because if denying the public CBD foods is public service in health, then something seems to have gone terribly wrong.

Because this was their quandry...

 "How do we  block public access to CBD foods?

When the food regulator says its safe, and useful, and the Police Chemists say its legal?

 How do we block public access to this useful food that could address many of the problems faced by our people?

After seven years of digging, I personally think that they did it by fraud. Thats my honest opinon after seven years of trying to figure out why the wrong thing just always seemed to be done at every turn.

They can prove their innocence by lifting the legal privilege that seems to be hiding a lie.

 If its not a lie, its a legal idiocy - ill put $50 on that - but I dont think its idiocy.

 If im wrong, it will be very embaressing, and ill say sorry. But I dont think im wrong.

 So far they have refused several requests from THF and others, to lift legal privilege from the advice they used to set in train the creation of a pharmaceutical Hemp Cannabis monopoly. It all began with them extinguishing the Category of Food for CBDs though, which needed this mysterious legal advice to be achieved.


Previously they have cited a "lack of public interest" as excuse for hiding their legal advice.


Id like you to help me make it a known subject of public interest please.

 Did they lie, hide the lie, and leverage the lie  to deny us foods for life and health? Public service exerts power in our name; we consent because we expect public service. - If a fraud has been committed, it suggests serious investigation and remedies are required.

 These remedies include not only accountability from the political and bureaucratic classes that have denied us foods for life and health, (re: the 'misclassification' of CBD foods).


But of more vital interest; this regulators recent regulatory ramraid on parliament needs to be reconsidered, given what seems a clear disconnection between it and public service or the public interest. 


Rubber stamped by MPs and parties who never seemed to address its self granting of sweeping and invasive police powers, in excess of those enjoyed by the police themselves. These changes seem scary and unneeded, especially if you cant trust them to do the right thing. Our lack of a constitution could prove problematic in time.

 Furthermore, its recent capture of Natural Health Products - and their removal from the Food Act - suggests that they, like Hemp, are vulnerable to pharmaceutical capture. Which also seems counter to the public interest. 

 How can we trust that they will regulate NHPs "risk appropriately" when they've regulated super safe, super useful, Hemp as an unaffordable pharmaceutical/controlled drug; and seem to have prohibited it as a food by lies?

However, if MedSafe releases the legal advice (and emails around it) behind what appears a fraud, and the advice is in fact sound public service, we can move on.

 But MedSafe has repeeatedly refused to release legal privilege on how it denied us CBD foods for life and health. When it gives an excuse, it cites "lack of public interest".

 Join us, show that there is public interest! As of today we are 760 strong, lets get to a thousand, and then take it from there!

Each one teach one, learn and share.


 "AA Complaint to DG Health" 

outlines the fraud.  Click the link and read it for yourself.


You can find the evidence cited here.

If you do read the case; and check the evidence; please also read the top two food grade CBD applications in OIA le Brun. These are from the same year, and reveal the desperation of politicians and regulators to "meet the challenge of increased demand for (food grade) CBD" by creating barriers to access that would ultimately become pharmaceutical grade Hemp.

Because its not about health or public service.

 Welcome to the crazy world of Cannabis politics, where the paradox of our regulators, politicians, and academics 'public service' is laid bare. Once you know enough to see behind their lies of omission and commission, and the threat healthy happy people pose to the pharmaceutical, alcohol, and tobacco industries.

 Honestly, lets just start doing the right thing.

 This suggests that our regulator should perhaps have a different funding model than levies on the industry it regulates. Especially given its lack of KPIs for improving public health.

 The fact that New Zealand public hospitals feed slop to their patients is evidence to the dead soul of public service in health politics.

"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food. For the physician tends, but nature mends"


So said Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine. Hemp foods, full of natural cannabinoids (CBDs), could reduce the number of sick people, while also allowing many people to 'self medicate'.  CBD seems able to prevent and even sometimes cure otherwise difficult or terminal conditions. 

Thats because, all animals have an 'endocannabinoid system', that regulates and protects our health with fatty molecules called 'cannabinoids'.


This physiological system uses Omega 3/6 fatty acids to make cannabinoids which regulate and protect our health. Hemp seed is uniquely rich in both, and Hemp leaf and flowers contain 3x the cannabinoids we naturally do too.

So, why cant you grow Hemp?

Why is our oldest crop a prohibited food?

What did 'Labour' break the 2006 Hemp Regulations and make hemp into a pharmaceutical instead of a herbal remedy?

New Zealanders have no idea that products of Hemp were legal from 2006-2018, and that MedSafe chose to misinterpret those regulations so as to deny hemp farmers an industry; and to deny the public access to products of hemp.


MedSafe/Medicines Control stopped licensed hemp farmers from making (and selling) legal kiwi Hemp products as per the 2006 Hemp regulations and created a 'medical cannabis' cartel instead. Along the way they seem to have made CBD a controlled drug against their own internal advice, over the objections of ESR, and by wilfully misinterpreting international law.


Lets mark their work. My Poppa was a public servant, and he would have been dismayed by the 'unChristian' actions that seem to exist here.

 Lets lift that legal privilege ai?

Why did government tell us that Hemp is 'not medical', while making Hemp a pharmaceutical feedstock for MedCan companies?

Who benefits?

We think you, and your children should benefit.

Join us. Lets improve things through education.

Kind regards,


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