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Getting Healthy, Not High  

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"There are no deaths from cannabis use anywhere; you can't find them."




A Political Plant,
Farmaceutical &

Prohibited food.

From Ancient Times to Modern Controversy,

The Curious Case of Hemp.

For 30,000 years, Hemp has been sacred. However, today, many of its health benefits are less well known than they were in the past. 

You might be familiar with CBD (Cannabidiol), a hemp extract celebrated for its health benefits. From anxiety relief to epilepsy treatment and even potential cancer therapy, CBD can be a miracle worker.

Fraud by NZ Govt?

Despite these proven benefits; or perhaps because of them; New Zealand and Australian 'health ministers' tried to block CBD as a food, citing the need to "avoid blurring the line between food and therapeutic good" and the need to prevent people self medicating with CBD. 

But, the food regulator (FSANZ) couldn't legally block safe, beneficial, compounds from citizens.

 Enter MedSafe NZ, which seems to have ignored its own internal advice, bent international treaties, legal standards, and scientific facts to kill CBD foods, and make CBD a controilled drug. Against the strong objections of ESR (the police forensic chemistry team).

The argument MedSafe made to achieve this has never been made public. Nor was it ever shown to FSANZ. Instead, their "legal opinion" has been hidden behind "legal privilege" for eight years, supposedly due to a "lack of public interest."

Hmm, does that smell fishy to you?

Health Benefits and Misclassification of CBD

The 1937 Marijuana Tax Act in the US, deceptively prohibited hemp, which contains over 500 active ingredients, including more than 200 cannabinoids.

Hemp cannabinoids like CBD offer myriad health benefits, likened to Wi-Fi signals for cellular communication, essential for maintaining health.

Plants have always been humanity's original medicines, and cannabinoids play a crucial role in maintaining health. Yet, New Zealand's world-class cannabinoid research groups at Otago and Auckland medical schools often downplay their importance. "Science should follow the public debate," they say, yet leave the public in the dark.

Curiously, the Chief Scientist's review of cannabis before the 'reeferendum' didn't even ask about the public health benefits of legalization, which include reduced death, crime, pain, and suffering.

Might 'capitalism' explain the disconnect between scientists, politicians, public, and Hemp CBD?

Join the Fight for Transparency and Access

Hemp is a safe, beneficial plant that should be accessible for its health benefits. By demanding transparency and fair regulation, we can advocate for a healthier future. Together, we can challenge the status quo and improve public health with natural remedies. Click the link for full details on the deliberate misclassification of CBD.

[Complaint to Director General of Health re: the deliberate Misclassification of CBD]

Evidence: OIAs

A Question of Public Service and Health?

Plants are our original medicines. Cannabinoids, vital signaling molecules, regulate mood, memory, health, and growth. Despite their importance, New Zealand's elite universities, medical organizations, and regulators often publicly overlook their benefits. 

 Hemp foods, full of natural cannabinoids, could reduce the number of sick people.

 Is that why can't you grow hemp?

Is that why our oldest crop is a prohibited food?

MedSafe/Medicines Control prevented licensed hemp farmers from making legal hemp products, creating a medical cannabis cartel instead. By lifting legal privilege on their advice, we could secure full spectrum hemp foods for health. But you know what they say, "youve got to fight for your rights."

Join us in demanding change. Your children should benefit from hemp’s potential. Let’s improve through education and advocacy.

Kind regards,


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