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"There are no deaths from cannabis use anywhere; you can't find them."



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 When a healthy mother breastfeeds her child, she expresses a cannabinoid called 2-AG. It stimulates babies growth, regulates babies appetite, protects her from illness, and puts her to sleep. Thats why cannabis can be good for us. Its our bodies own medicine.

Did any of your children ever get 'happy' on mothers milk? That happens when mum expresses her own THC molecule, called Anandamide.

Our body makes these cannabinoids to regulate physical and mental health, bone growth, healing, digestion, pain modulation, reproduction, and more.

They are a key element of our diet based system of health and wellbeing.

Yet 89% of 280 GPs surveyed in 2017 did not know about their own Cannabinoid System, despite our Ministry of Health knowing about it for at least ten years.


In 2019, more than 65% of GPs thought we could replace more than 30% of pharmaceuticals with cannabis. We have now educated and surveyed more than 634 medical professionals, and they overwhelmingly support the objectives of the Hemp Foundation.


Because, our cannabinoid system is of major importance.


In 2008, a Ministry of Health report described it as "a unique system, critical for our health, and in all of our main organs and tissues. It is responsive to system demand and environmental conditions." http://img.scoop.co.nz/media/pdfs/1806/Woodbridge_Research._2008._Cannabinoid_Therapeutics_a_report_from_the_RPSGB._London_2008._1.pdf


Cannabinoids are essential messengers of our bodies own health system, and their receptors make up more than 2% of our entire genome.


If you don't make enough cannabinoids, you can get sick, demented, or die. 


They are so important that we have more cannabinoid receptors (CR) in our brain than neurotransmitters. This is why we can improve our health and reduce our costs with plant medicine.

Even better, the raw acid forms will only get you healthy, not high.


Surprisingly, in 2008, a report for the Ministry of Health stated "cannabis is a potential panacea for general maintenance/protection...safer than alcohol...a legitimate advance n therapeutic option".

In 2019, cannabis remains essentially unaffordable and unavailable, although the Medicinal Cannabis Amendment Bill is improving the situation slightly.


But legal cannabis products still cost thousands of dollars, despite coming from an easily grown plant. For some reason, the twins to our bodies own 'miracle molecules' cost five hundred dollars an ounce more than gold.

Who benefits from this? ...In the thirty  US states that have legal cannabis, each doctor is prescribing four thousand five hundred less doses of medicine a year. That equals around sixty four million less doses a year in NZ, or in dollars; point nine six billion dollars less made by Pharma.

Alcohol sales are also down 15% in those thirty US states; that's about one point four billion worth of sales that would be lost to big business in NZ.

The Hemp Foundation believes in improving our health, our wealth, our society and environment, for everyone.

The future demands sustainable high value products, and cannabis provides the raw material to do so. Israel, for example, has recognised cannabis as its first new farm sector in ten years, and has been approved by the Ministers of Finance and Health for global export. It is expected to earn $4 billion in its first year. Why aren't we also innovating?



China is another leader, chasing 1.3 million hectares of what it calls the 'strategic resource' of industrial hemp.


Industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa) is historically the most versatile, valuable and useful crop in the world. It has literally thousands of industrial, commercial, and nutritional uses.

Its also a unique source of our bodies own medicine; cannabinoids.

Industrial hemp is a multi level market opportunity. It provides food, fibre, medicine, fuel, chemical feedstock, and more. No other crop comes close. Its a perfect crop in the age of climate change. For example, 10,000 acres of Hemp = 40,000 acres of pinus radiata. Hemp improves soil structure, makes superior paper, and can make paint, oil, fuel, fabric, plastic, food, medicine and more.

Hempseed is one of the most nutritious foods in the world. Hemp makes very strong, biodegradable plastics, and a breathable, fireproof, high thermal value building material called hempcrete. 

Hemp was promoted for its potential to be the worlds first 'billion dollar crop', until its prohibition on false grounds as a dangerous narcotic.


The US Dept. of Agriculture even made a movie about its importance.



The potential value to our regional and urban communities is enormous. Hemp offers multiple value chains, including, but not limited to, farming, education/research & development, manufacturing/exporting.

Instead the 'Reefer Madness' PR campaign of ZB and Family First continues, and no one from government mentions its medical, commercial or nutritional benefits. 


We must create science based policies, and stop the terrible and systematic misinformation that emanates from sectors.

For example, the police have been caught exaggerating the harms of cannabis tenfold. 


And they couldnt even investigate hemp properly. As one academic researcher noted,

"Concerns, predominately by the police, that hemp will increase marijuana production and consumption are completely ill founded and very seriously damage the credibility of their information gathering and analysis skills."


This leads us to drug hemp (marijuana). The public has been seriously misinformed about this. Science says that normal 'drug' cannabis (Cannabis Indica) is very good for us,


It will keep you healthy, and protect you from illness, aging, and injury.

Because your ECS needs cannabinoids to maintain balance (homeostasis).

If your diet is deficient, or your ECS dysregulated, you may benefit from dietary support or medical help.

Cannabis is the richest known source of cannabinoids. Possessing both therapeutic and nutritional qualities, it is a functional food.

Raw, its a nutritious and therapeutic forage for all animals, because we all have a CS. It can get you healthy, not high.

Excluding hemp products, the global market for medical & adult use cannabinoids alone is expected to be worth $50bn within 9 years. http://www.reuters.com/article/israel-cannabis-idUSL2N1H023B

However that is a very low number.

Cancer treatment is expected to reach $150 billion by 2020.


Given the proven roles of cannabis in killing bone, breast, prostate, and glioma (brain) cancer 



NZ could  profitably disrupt that market with both hemp and cannabis, all while improving health outcomes for people and reducing the health costs of our society.

If we are smart.


If we are smart, we can reduce imports and build new, vertically integrated, sectors of our economy based upon adding value to these crops.

Even more importantly in the age of climate change, they will be biological, biodegradable, non polluting, and sustainable.


Given that we must transition from a fossil fuel economy to a sustainable one, Hemp is a no brainer.

New Zealand is too small to be stupid. We can't repeat the 20th Century any more, and we all know it. So why are we not innovating?

The status quo will destroy opportunity for future generations. Lets not be complicit.

Lets improve things. 

Join us. Help us.

We cant do it without you.

Its time stop harming our environment, economy, and society. Its time to permit industrial use, medicinal use, and responsible adult use.

What is the most important thing?

It is people, it is people, it is people.


T Stopford.


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